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VitalSignsCapture / Blog: Recent posts

VSCapture build003 for Mono/Linux released

+VSCapture build003 for Mono/Linux released
+Requires Mono 2.x, tested with USB to serial cables
+Implements a serial port data event handler not part of Mono library functionality
+Physical on-board serial ports may require modification of user group permission for access to the serial port before the program can be used

Posted by John George 2012-06-07

VSCapture build 003 released

+Build 003 fixes bugs, code cleanups
+Adds new realtime data display format
+Adds support in CSV file export for Entropy,BIS

Posted by John George 2012-05-17

VitalSignsCapture project makes a begining!

VitalSignsCapture is a C# .NET app to capture data from Datex AS3 Anesthesia monitors. Requires Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4 to compile. Support for capture from other monitors is planned in future. A console app, proof of concept source code v1.001 has been released.

Posted by John George 2012-05-02