VR Juggler 2.2.1 Released

I am pleased to announce the availability of VR Juggler 2.2.1, albeit several days after the actual release occurred. VR Juggler 2.2.1 represents a significant improvement to the VR Juggler 2.2 release series, due in no small part to feedback, bug reports, and fixes from users. All users of VR Juggler 2.0.x and 2.2.0 are strongly encouraged to update to this release.

Source code for VR Juggler 2.2.1 is available on SourceForge at the following address:


Bundled documentation can be downloaded from the following address:


Binary builds may be posted on www.vrjuggler.org for Windows, but it could a while.

This release is binary compatible with VR Juggler 2.2.0, and most applications should not need to be recompiled to take advantage of this new version. Applications whose application object is derived from vrj::OsgApp are the exception. In particular, there has been a minor API change to vrj::OsgApp to fix a compile error. The return type of vrj::OsgApp::getSceneViewDefaults() has changed from osgUtil::SceneView::Options to unsigned int, and overrides of that method *must* be changed to reflect this new signature.

Among the highlights in this release are the following:

* All platforms now support auto-discovery of installation paths thereby reducing the need for setting environment variables such as VJ_BASE_DIR on all platforms. This capability was introduced in the Windows version of VR Juggler 2.2.0.
* Rendering threads in the OpenGL Draw Manager can now have CPU affinity set on Linux. Effective use of this feature can have big performance improvements on multi-CPU and multi-core machines. Refer to the Chapter 13 of the VR Juggler /Programmer's Guide/ for details on how to use this new feature.
* Cocoa support is vastly improved. This includes critical fixes for keyboard/mouse access to applications.
* Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) is fully supported.
* A critical bug in the MotionStar driver has been fixed that would cause crashes on certain hardware.
* Several bugs in the IntersenseAPI driver have been fixed.
* Plug-in loading and execution problems in Sonix on Windows have been fixed.
* A driver for the MotionNode inertial tracker has been added.
* Many improvements, corrections, and additions have been made to the documentation.

Regarding the simplifications related to environment variables and automatic installation detection, please refer to the following section of the VR Juggler /Getting Started Guide/ for detailed information:


Posted by Patrick Hartling 2008-03-20