VR Juggler 1.0.6 released

The VR Juggler team is pleased to announce the release of VR Juggler 1.0.6, the latest patch release on the stable 1.0 line. This version contains many important bug fixes, most of which were fixed through submissions from the user community. The key fixes are as follows:

* Stereo rendering works correctly with OpenSceneGraph 0.8.45.
* Stereo rendering works on Win32.
* Dynamic, user-defined device registration works.
* The Ascension Flock of Birds driver initializes birds correctly
when the transmitter is not the last device on the bird bus.
* Analog data collection with the Immersion Interface Box works.

As usual, we encourage everyone to upgrade to this release, and we especially encourage users of OpenSceneGraph to upgrade.

Also of note are some additional builds with new compilers. We have uploaded a version of VR Juggler 1.0.6 for Linux compiled with GCC 3.0.4 that includes support for OpenGL Performer 2.5.1. This is the first such build we have been able to make on the 1.0 release line. Interested users must get the GCC 3 version of OpenGL Performer 2.5.1 and must compile all code with GCC 3. GCC 3.0.4 RPMs are readily available.

We have also made a Win32 build using Visual Studio 7 (.NET) for those users with the latest release of Microsoft's compiler. This is made available in addition to the usual Visual Studio 6 build. Please be sure to download the version that matches the compiler you have.

Finally, the VR Juggler Team would like to thank the users who submitted the patches that made this release the best version yet:

Romano Jose Magacho da Silva (Win32 stereo)
Daniel Keefe (device registration)
Aaron Bryden (Flock of Birds, OSG stereo)

The VR Juggler Team

Posted by Patrick Hartling 2002-07-01