0.36.0 Released

In keeping with our two-month release cycle, I have released Vrapper version 0.36.0. There weren't too many changes from last month and they were almost entirely bug fixes. The changes since the last status update (included in 0.36.0) are:

  • Fixed repetition of delimited text
  • Fixed replace mode in macros
  • Fixed Ctrl-H (for backspace) in InsertMode
  • Fixed '\t' in substitution replace
  • Fixed numpad 'return' mapping to 'enter'
  • Fixed incsearch
  • Added support for C pre-processor conditionals with '%'
    • #if, #ifdef, #else, #elif, #endif

If you run into any issues with this release, please file an issue on our GitHub project:
I'm not sure how much testing our unstable update site really gets since we had to rush out a 0.34.1 with the last release. I'm hoping that doesn't happen again but Vrapper just gets more features and not everything is covered by our unit tests. Fortunately we have a constantly growing userbase that helps us find those obscure defects. Thank you for all your support and keeping Vrapper alive!

Posted by Kevin 2013-10-05