Updates to unstable update site

Time for another monthly status update on Vrapper. Our last release added a lot of new features so this last month has been mostly defect fixing. The occasional new feature or two has been added though. The unstable update site currently includes the following changes from 0.34.1:

  • Fixed issue with 'S', 'cc', 'Vs', and 'Vc' on the last line of a file
  • Fixed issue where ':source' couldn't handle absolute paths
  • Fixed ':eclipseaction!'
  • Fixed Ctrl-R in command-line mode
  • Fixed issue where substitution 'c' confirm would match on a replace
  • Fixed issue with 'i_ctrl-o' followed by ':<command>'
  • Fixed visual block selection on the last line of a file
  • Fixed visual block selection with horizontally scrolled view
  • Added support for 'i_ctrl-t' and 'i_ctrl-d'
  • Added support for 'g~'
  • Added support for '!' in NormalMode
  • Added support for pipe '|' to chain commands
  • Added support for ':move' and ':copy' without a line range definition
  • Added support for ':split <filename>' in Split Editor plugin
  • Refactored sticky column handling
  • Refactored newline handling when pasting text
  • Refactored function keys (F1-F20) mapping
  • Refactored key handling of certain Ctrl keys

There are still plenty more defects and feature requests to address but I'm constantly amazed by how much we get done each month. I guess I'm just shocked that a Vim plugin for Eclipse requires monthly status updates and a 2-month release cycle. But, it seems we're doing something right, we've had over 1,500 installs via the Eclipse Marketplace for two months in a row!

Posted by Kevin 2013-09-02