0.32.0 Released

Keeping with my two-month release cycle, 0.32.0 is now out. In the last month I got a lot of help from contributors who actually know how to navigate the Eclipse API. They were able to fix a bunch of defects which I had no hope of ever fixing myself. I'm amazed at what they've been able to do already.

These are the changes since the last news update (included in 0.32.0):

  • Added support for new ipmotion (improved paragraph) optional plugin
  • Added support for XML tags in our Surround.vim optional plugin
  • Added support for :tabrewind and :tablast
  • Fixed issues with :only and :qall
  • Fixed <number>gt
  • Fixed issue where :q didn't work with some file types
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes to text object parsing and visual line selections

Also... Don't tell anyone, but we've started implementing visual block mode. The cursor doesn't always move correctly and it doesn't support 'y' or 'p' yet but it is there. It isn't stable so don't expect too much from it though. We hope to have the feature ready in the next release.

Posted by Kevin 2013-06-02