#1 Changes to main dialog and tunnel configuration dialog

Michael Murphy

Thank you for your VPNDialer program. It has made
using the builtin IPSec capabilities of W2K and WXP a
possibility for our small office setup. There are a
couple of things that I would like to request / suggest
as interface changes / improvements.

Could you add a button on the main screen (the one with
the Connect, Hangup, & Status buttons)? This button
would cause the tunnel configuation dialog to appear.
I realize that you can get to this through the System
Menu, but it isn't immediately obvious. I believe that
this would make the program more user friendly.

Configuration screen
Could you add hover text to the Add, Save, Delete
buttons at the top right of the dialog?
Could you change the order of the buttons from Save,
Add, Remove to Add, Save, Remove?
Could you set the tab order of the items on the dialog
so that when the focus starts at the VPN-Connection
drop down, that as you tab through the items the cursor
moves from top to bottom and left to right going from
item to item. In particular, I would like the order to be
VPN-Connection, VPN-Gateway, Network/Netmask, Any,
Preshared, Certificate, Preshared-textbox, IPSec
Handshake, ESP, 3des, sha, PFS, Rekey-seconds,
Rekey-kilobyte, RAS-Connection, Use RAS, L2TP-Server,
use L2TP, Block non-IPSec, Allow local Traffic

Here is a particularly important request
Please change the configuration dialog so that if
changes have been made, when the OK button is clicked,
the dialog asks if the changes should be saved. Almost
every time I make changes to the configuration, I click
OK thinking the changes will be saved and they aren't
so I have to re-enter the changes and explicitly save

A less important request:
When opening the configuration dialog the first time,
if there are no existing configurations, have the
dialog generate an empty default one so that it is not
necessary to click the add button to make one.

Thank you very much for your work in putting this
together. Please feel free to contact me if you
anything I have written here is unclear. I will be
happy to help in any way that I can. Have a great day!
If you would like these items split up into separate
requests, let me know and I will make separate requests
for the items so that you can better track them if that
works better for you.