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Stable version of VolunteerBase

This version 0.6 of volunteerbase contains fixes and minor improvements, the project is now in a stable phase. The Wiki user guide has a comprehensive coverage of all the functions. The package has been upgraded to Tomcat 6.0 and the distribution can use Java 5.0 or 6.0.

Posted by Patrice Secheresse 2007-11-24

Specifications completed for Volunteer Base

The release of Volunteer Base cover all the initials specifications. The next big step is the functional & acceptance tests.
The documentation will become a major task soon after.

Posted by Patrice Secheresse 2007-10-19

Volunteer Base release 0.4

This release contains bug fixes and includes the management of the volunteer's contributions.
Also included, an analysis document.

Posted by Patrice Secheresse 2007-10-04

Volunteer Base release 0.3 published

Security, improvements and defect fixes in this new release.
This release should correct some small but annoying problems.

This is a first step to increase quality.
The next iteration will add some fonctions for volunteers fund raising.

Posted by Patrice Secheresse 2007-08-22

Release 0.2 is published

This release include few improvements and new functionalities like e-mailer, mail merge and advanced research of volunteer

Posted by Patrice Secheresse 2007-07-27

The release 0.1 is ready

This first release give the core functionalities to manage the database.

Posted by Patrice Secheresse 2007-07-08