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Volume Daemon for GNU/Linux / News: Recent posts

vold-0.2 released!

This second release can mount cdroms usb-sticks floppys and harddisks. Maybe it can to something else - this is what I have tested. This version has commandline and config-file support .Check it out!!

Posted by Clemens Wacha 2003-11-13

vold-0.1alpha released

The initial release for public testing has been released. Download and try it. But remark that this is only an alpha release. See README and INSTALL for more details

Posted by Clemens Wacha 2003-11-11

Homepage launched

Finally, I found some time to update.. erhm.. create the homepage for vold. I will add an ALPHA stage version of vold really soon.

Posted by Clemens Wacha 2003-11-06