#1 Can't record both sides of conversation with incoming SIP


Hello, I have some problems using VoIPMonitor.

When I try to record an incoming SIP call, the CDR in DB are the good ones and a wav file is created but...
This wav file only contains the outgoing voice flow and not at all the incoming one....

The configuration file is almost the default one, so I don't see why there aren't the both sides of the conversation in the wav file :/



  • Martin Vit
    Martin Vit

    Hi, please try the latest voipmonitor from trunk and report if it is still issue. If yes, please send me the pcap file to support@voipmonitor.org.

  • Hi,

    It works now, the problem was caused by the stereo output, my headset has only one earphone working, so I could only listen one direction of the conversation.

    But is there a way to disable the stereo and make the output in mono ?
    I found in the file format_wav.cpp some commented lines with "/* Mono */" at the beginning (from line 182 to 187), so I uncommented these lines and commented the following lines (beyond "/* Stereo */" (from 189 to 192 (the end of the if))).

    But with these modifications, the audio files are too fast and unusable :/ Is this possible to fix ?

  • Martin Vit
    Martin Vit

    • status: open --> closed
  • Martin Vit
    Martin Vit


    you can postprocess it with sox which is somewhat not optimal but at least it will solve it :) I'm planning to convert calls to mono/stereo speex and once I get to it I will add possibility to make it mono in config. The WAV files are to big and I do not like it at all. If you want to push this faster, you can also request paid support/custom development to support@voipmonitor.org