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VocalEasel / News: Recent posts

VocalEasel development plans

As of today, a git repository is available for VocalEasel. Bug fixes (if any) for the current, Mac OS 10.5 based version of VocalEasel will continue to be made in the SVN repository, but development on the next "major" version of VocalEasel (which will require Mac OS 10.7 to run) will happen in the git repository.

Posted by Matthias Neeracher 2011-08-27

VocalEasel 1.2 released

26Aug11 VocalEasel 1.2

- Fixed numerous bugs
- Updated to mma 1.7 and lilypond 2.14
- VocalEasel now requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later to run.

Posted by Matthias Neeracher 2011-08-26