#3 doesn't recognize lilypond

Marc Lindahl

just installed on osx 10.6.6, Macbook pro:
MacOS X x86: LilyPond 2.12.3-1

running VocalEasel, it can't find LilyPond. I ran LilyPond, it works... tried it with LilyPond running, still doesn't find it.


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  • Did you install lilypond through fink or through an installer downloaded from the lilypond site?

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  • Marc Lindahl
    Marc Lindahl

    from the installer on lillypond site - i removed FINK from my computer (having to reinstall the OS in the process), it completely f**ked up my OS, messed up paths, etc., and most of the installs didn't complete due to toolchain or dependency problems - it's cr*p and will never go on my computer again, ever.

  • I just tried this on my system (I normally use the lilypond version, but I deinstalled that and installed the 2.12.3 app) and everything worked.

    In VocalEasel preferences, is the app path listed? (Presumably not)
    Can you run the following in Terminal and tell me the result:

    grep -A1 BundleIdentifier /Applications/Lilypond.app/Contents/Info.plist

  • Marc Lindahl
    Marc Lindahl

    here ya go! (ps, if you deinstalled, are you sure all the parts/dependencies/etc were removed? and paths, plists, etc....)

    $ grep -A1 BundleIdentifier /Applications/Lilypond.app/Contents/Info.plist

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  • Sorry for taking so long to respond. After not making any progress on this matter for several months, I finally realized today what was happening: Your Lilypond.app must be in a path with a space in the name of one of the directories, and VocalEasel had several bugs in dealing with this case.

    Fix just got committed to SVN and will show up in the next release. Thanks for reporting this!

  • SVN revision 396

  • Marc Lindahl
    Marc Lindahl

    hi neeri,
    actually there's no spaces in the app path, as you can see from my comment below. Nor are there in my home directory path.
    BUT.... my home directory is FILEVAULT'd and though there's no spaces in the path name, I ran into a problem previously with this (XCode+iOS SDK will not run with a filevaulted home directory).
    So perhaps there's an issue with a path that traverses filesystems, with something like the prefs or properties files?

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