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LanChat 0.0.9 beta5 released!

Happy New Year and Christmas!
The app has become compatible with VyPress chat protocol !!!
Many bug fixes, etc.
Download and try :-))

P.S.: Oh, God, I love wxWindows!

Posted by Vaclav Naydionov 2004-01-11

0.0.9beta3 released!

Good news!
New 0.0.9beta3 of LanChat released today.
There are some important user interface changes -
see ChangeLog, download it, try it. You may
find it handy or at least usable :-)
Some code cleanup. Message protocol was expanded
to allow sending long multipart messages.
It works under Linux and Windows as well,
also should work on FreeBSD (not tested yet).
I would love to have you bugreports and comments.
Happy using!

Posted by Vaclav Naydionov 2003-11-15

0.0.9beta released !

This is my first news posting :)
As stated in the subject I've uploaded 0.0.9beta. The program was made to allow people to chat via LAN, especially home LAN. It works under Linux and Windows as well. This release is quite usable, at least for me :). If you like it I'll be happy.
Sorry for my poor english.

Posted by Vaclav Naydionov 2003-07-11