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-Multi-value searching (ie query1 -query2 query3 -query4)
-inline autocomplete of items currently in the listview under Quick Connect

I kinda forgot to make a changelog of the previous versions from 2.0 ->

Still no changes to XML mode, and no saved queries as a 'personal tag'

Posted by AlphaAlien 2008-04-09 Released

This is the first build of the 2.x branch that's 100% usable in production environments. The only shaky bit left in it is migration from 1.x databases to 2.x databases. Everything else is good to go, even will create your new database for putting data into for you. I'll also update the release notes with what's changed in the database so you can do hand migrations of the information you have if you so desire.

Posted by AlphaAlien 2007-10-25

Development Starts on 2.5

Today I started writing the 2.5 branch of the Admin Console.

Changes coming in the future are:
Version 2.0 -
Finish XML mode, so you aren't required to ever have SQL to generate it
Write method for exporting from 1.0 database into the new 2.0 schema

Version 2.5-
This'll be a much smaller change than the previous two major releases.

New user tracking table, tracks which computers a user has connected to which has been seen. This is also searchable, so you can now search by username.... read more

Posted by AlphaAlien 2007-10-12

build released

Posted build, mostly the same as 1.9 but with a few tweaks to make it more stable, faster, and more usable. This build also includes a pre-compiled binary in the zip file.

Posted by AlphaAlien 2007-10-02

VNCAdmin build

-properly multithreaded call backs for pulling data about logged in user using LDAP and WMI
-still no auto-build or auto-migrate function for new database structure *coming soon* ie. when I have time

source code will be posted soon, there will be no binary release till I have the build and migrate functions for the database up and running.

Posted by AlphaAlien 2007-08-07

VNCAdmin 2.0 Update

So I've made some progress, did a complete rewrite of the entire program and added a lot of new functionality.

-Added a XML local backup of the database for disaster situations when you can't access your database.
-Added a status bar at the bottom that gives the remote PC's current user and that user's phone number based on Active Directory.
-Complete rewrite of codebase to clean it up and make it maintainable
-Modified the Details View to have an icon next to the titles so it's more spaced out making it more readable.
-Implemented a Tag/Group system where Groups are now tags and computers can be tagged as more than one thing. Eventually the group metaphor will go away entirely but this is just a stepping stone to that point.
-Search based on tag, computer name or address.
-Multiple search strings allowed ie. Servers Administration will return all machines in servers as well as Administration.... read more

Posted by AlphaAlien 2007-06-19

2.0 preview

So I'm declaring the release of the vnc admin console 1.0 and moving on to version 2.0 which is replacing groups with tags and tag sets for a computer. So lets say you have a computer in the servers group now it can be in the Server, IT and Web Server tags which will be searchable as well as selectable from a now resizable treeview on the left hand pane.

Posted by AlphaAlien 2007-04-24


What do you guys want changed for 1.0? Internally at build just some minor bug fixes mostly in the area of adding computers to the database. But need some feedback before I lock it down as 1.0 release candidate.

Posted by AlphaAlien 2007-03-23

Milestone 9 almost done

So working on build now, it's just getting polished up before I kick it out the door and 1.0 (beta 1). Will be released in the next 2 weeks.

Posted by AlphaAlien 2007-01-02

File Release!

Released build for download. The binary is in the bin\debug folder. If you need an installer just publish it from inside of Visual Studio.

Updated the CVS as well.

Tons of bug fixes, like it will no longer list a machine for each ad group the user and the machine are in but instead a single entry. Also did some usability tweaking like double clicking now just connects you instead of having to click connect and added a right click menu to all the machines.

Posted by AlphaAlien 2006-12-02

CVS and Milestone 6.5

The CVS of Milestone 6.5 has been posted. Milestone 6.5 is the first build with a WMI based lookup of remote computer stats.

Posted by AlphaAlien 2006-11-17