VNC Address Book v1.4.1.79

  • rdlucas66

    I can only enter passwords of 8 characters.
    Can this be changed to allow longer passwords?
    Thanks rdlucas66

    • Igor Ehrlich
      Igor Ehrlich


      this is a limitation of VNC and not of VNC ADDRESS BOOK. Even if UltraVNC allows you to enter more than 8 characters for your password. Internally it cuts of all chars above 8, so you think that you are using a longer password but when you look inside and decrypt it again its still 8 Chars. Most of the users don´t know this and think that they are safe with their long passwords, but thats not true.

      Please be careful with this password saving feature of UltraVNC as it is not save and all passwords can be very easily decrypted. (Decryption is even implemented in my code, but with no button in the GUI to make it a little harder for the freaks)

      So the 8 Chars are a limitation of the VNC protocol but I hope they will change it.

    • wolge

      I have a few wishes would be nice if you could change this ;-)

      1. The text in the buttons for "Expand All" and "Collapse All" and in a few text boxes doesn't fit into the button. You can see it on this picture:

      2. The german translation of the two buttons is wrong/or not visible:

      3. The window of the Programm is to large should be possible to make it as small as I like (the programm should remember the size).

      4. The programm should remember on which position on the screen it was as I did close it. Right now it open alsways in the middle of the screen. I'm sure a lot peoble do not linke this.

      5. I Doesn't like the "VncAddressBook" folder in the My Documents folder. Would be nice if I could define the location by myself.

      6. I should be able to set the standard password and the standard connection type in preferences. If i start a quick connetion it should use this standard settings.

      7. Would be nice if I had a description field for each connection. You could indicate it in the main Window right from the connetion name.

      8. Would be very nice if the tool could also do a IP scan and show mee all the computer with vnc in the network.

      9. Would be wonderful if the tool is able to send some remote commands like: "check if vnc is runnign", "check if vnc is installed", "start vnc", "install vnc", "restart vnc"

    • Igor Ehrlich
      Igor Ehrlich


      most of the features are already implemented in the next Beta which will be available soon.


    • David White
      David White

      The 9 features listed above would be nice.  Any word on when the "next Beta" will be available?
      (other than soon - as of 2007-08-29 03:55 [posting date])

  • Scott White
    Scott White

    Hey, great product. Even without future enhancements I love it. I can't live without It!

  • Gelo b
    Gelo b

    Can you add a feature set of storage VNC settings location? I want to use VNC Address Book on two computers and want to have a common base. (I have a mapped networ drive where I want to have a vnc storage.) Can you do this ?

    Last edit: Gelo b 2013-11-12