#9 different ports for internet use of vnc


Well life in the world is harder thanks to
the "falling" of soviet union and I am a person that
is deeply sadden by that fact.

But now to the issue I Would like to see in
tightvnc or vnc is the use of different ports to see
this in the internet, many of us users work for
companies who have firewalls or routers that we can't
configure ourselves and ports 58xx or 59xx are not
available, I wish there was a way to see my work
computer from home other than having to dial on a
modem and use 2 accounts an two modems for that.

Of course this probably puts a hard load of work on
the other end of the wire, I mean why would you wanna
code something that breaks someone's security but
perhaps you could consider some ports most used, or
something of that sort....


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    Go To My PC has this functionality!

    go to www.gotomypc.com and try it

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    ssh tunneling an option?

    also, you can always change the default port number if
    needed but then you'd likely hit the same issue because most
    firewalls won't accept ANYTHING from the outside and
    redirect it ANYWHERE inside, no? why would your sysadmin's
    want to change the firewall for any port?? i think that's
    not the issue.

    in reality what you are asking for is to have someone right
    a registration service with proxy where said service could
    open and register a connection outside and would maintain
    such session using it for outside "binds".

    sounds fun and doable but like a separate project to me...
    while you would use it - i would loathe it since i've people
    and hosts to protect and limiting such access is part of it.
    and if the registration events, etc are known by me, i will
    block them... so there you are back at square one again.

    sorry but you have to get your security/sysadmins behind you
    or atleast someone that can strong arm them for 'business

    and what dork put in the gotomypc link? it works but isn't
    exactly crossplatform or opensource last i inquired. try
    using it at a company that knows of it's existence and
    you'll hit the same problems: blocks. it's access is
    controllable to by a firewall and my not even work then.
    (some ppl block that like me).



    matthew kurowski

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    sorry nobody but you're wrong. all that does is add to the
    base port which accomplishes nothing for this individual's
    request. i'm sure 5921 is just as "bad" as 5900 - that's why
    he put in 58xx/59xx in his request.

    his problem is trying to work around security his company
    has put in place. sometimes of course there are valid
    reasons and he may have them all. i wish him the best in
    getting his security group to make changes for him.

    but modifying from 55xx, 58xx, or 59xx isn't going to do
    anything for him. even as i said, he can recompile with port
    53 - but it would do no good. it all comes down to inbound
    redirection, etc... all his security team...


    matthew kurowski

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    port forwarding through ssh works for me...

    there are a multitude of utils to acheive this on most
    platforms, please don't waste your time developers (not that it
    wouldn't be convenient, but I'm sure you have other priorities).

    and don't forget the vncproxies.

    and lets not get into the problems with system ports
    (<1024). Since the ports they will want to piggy back on will
    almost certainly be in the range 0-1023... ie http(80)

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    In the next Win32 version, I plan to add a possibility to
    specify port numbers directly, rather than calculating
    offsets from 5900 and 5800.