#19 Help! How can I get it to know the psswrd on the other comp?



I'm not much of an expert in this business. I'm running
Ideal Administration, which uses TightVNC for remote
control, on 40 remote computers connected through

Everytime I try to connect to another terminal, I get a
dialog box asking for the psswd on the other one. I have
to do that EACH time with FORTY computers and it
gets pretty frustrating. I read the the FAQ on
VNC>>> "You can by editing the registry before
installing. On a machine which already has WinVNC
installed, copy all the registry settings under
HKEY_USERS/.Default/Software/ORL/WinVNC3 into
the same place in the registry of the remote machine,
either by hand or using your favourite tool. When
WinVNC runs, it will see the password in that section of
the registry and will not prompt you to type one in.">>>

I don't know if I did it wrong but I don't even have a
WinVNC3 folder... so I just copied the whole ORL and

Does anyone have a solution for me?



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    The instruction you have quoted describes how to set the
    same password on each server machine, not how to prevent
    entering passwords.
    To automate entering the password, you can use the "Save
    connection info" menu item in the viewer. It can save
    connection info including the password in a file, and then
    you can just click on that file to re-connect to the same
    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks a lot, Constantin:

    But... as I mentioned before. I'm using TightVNC as a service
    of a program called Ideal Administration. So I did as you
    suggested but everytime I'm going to connect it just asks for
    the session password again. The first dialog box asks for
    username and password (i'm beginning to think this is
    something ideal administration wants,... not VNC). The
    second asks for a session password, and I think this is VNC
    asking for it. It's as if it ignores the file that already exists.

    I know you told me to double-click the file but I just get an
    error>>> Invalid VNC Server specified and shows some of my
    configuration details. Do you know what I can do?