#1233 Still get application error on XP


Still get application error at least once per day running tightvnc on XP operating system. Windows 7 runs clean.
tvnserver-application error
software exception 0xc0000417
location 0x00495bcc


  • dimedrol

    I have same errors.
    Tightvnc server 2.7.10 installed on Windows XP SP3 (+updates) as a service. Windows is running in virtual machine (KVM).
    DFMirage driver is installed.
    Client (vinagre) is standart remote desktop viewer on debian/ubuntu.
    tvnserver.exe crashed periodically, several times a day.
    Screenshots attached.

    I found that the problem is probably due to old driver DFMirage. For 32bit XP available only old driver version 1.1.68 (2005). This old version installed from latest dfmirage-setup-2.0.301.exe package.
    If i disable old DFMirage driver then the problem disappears.

    The problem can be reproduced as follows. Sequence is important.
    1) Reboot windows.
    2) Do logon proccess (enter login/password)
    3) Sorry, next is my bad translation from my russian windows xp user interface.
    My computer -> manage -> event log -> applications
    You will see the event log entries.
    Find any event marked "error" (red color) and open it.
    In the bottom you see hexadecimal data in a little window
    with a scrolling controls. Click the mouse a few times on the down scroll arrow, then click few times on the up arrow. Repeat this 2-3 times. At this moment tvnserver.exe typically freezes.

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