TCP/IP networking, breaking news!

  • TCP/IP networking actually works over the local loopback interface in Real VMX!
    Still a lot of testing and bugfixes might be needed, but it's a big relief…

    After these tests a new release will be out and the project will finally reach it's alfa stage.
    All the important pieces will be in place.
    We have to decide on a network driver later and the link-layer will be developed.

    For now everything is in the cvs source tree. It's time to celibrate, big time!

  • TCP/IP - UDP client/server example:
    Tested and working!

    1. Start an UDP server in the background on the loopback interface at port 1000:

    sp udpServer, "", 1000

    2. Start an UDP client in the foreground wich sends a message to the server at port 1000:

    udpClient "", 1000

    3. The server will wakeup and echo the message back to the client.

    4. The client will wakeup and print out the echoed message from by the server.

    PS. You can have different UDP servers on different ports running at the same time.

  • Ice Lee
    Ice Lee

    Nice !  

    I also hope to join in the development.

    I have more than 6 years developing experience in vxWorks.

    If ok,  please send email to



  • Very interesting! Where you able to install Real VMX?