Change control Systems

  • John Malmberg
    John Malmberg

    Sourceforge supports 3 change control systems, and this project is set up for all three of them.

    I do not have experience with Mercurial, so I will not be commenting on it.

    Of the other two, git and subversion, I am recommending that subversion be used for most of the porting projects.

    This is because subversion supports a sparse checkout. You only have to check out the sections of the repository that you are interested in. Internally subversion keeps a copy of the files checked out in its hidden directory.

    Git pulls down the entire repository always and stores it in its hidden directory. Git will simulate a sparse checkout by making only the files that you are interested in visible.

    So if you are disk space constrained, the subversion repository method is more friendly.

  • John Malmberg
    John Malmberg

    Jouk Jansen wrote:

    and another reason :
    jsvn runs perfectly on OpenVMS systems
    On the other hand the only git-client I know running on OpenVMS is jgit, but is not fully functional and fails in certain cases on ODS2/5 file systems.

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  • I agree with .-1 !

    I was recently developing a maven pom.xml for the svnkit as it has moved from maven builds to gradle builds.

    Question: Is there a gradle port for OpenVMS JAVA 1.6 ? to i.e. buil an svnkit and stay in sync with that open source project?

    I was able to re-mavenize the svnkit and after all had a perfect build and a svnkit-dav.war deployed to OpenVMS Tomcat. Then I was very surprised how very very slow that stuff runs and fails. I think the used JetSQL DB layer is not doing well. So building and testing a JetSQL kit is my next adventure when I find a bit time. Building the svnkit makes just use today of the JetSQL and guess this one is not doing well on OpenVMS. Earlier times ago, I magaed to build it all myelf but had not time to check the svnkit-dav.war on OpenVMS.

    So any thoughts about svnkit-dav.war are welcome.