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#19 add support for five row chromatic accordions

Erik Sjölund

The name of this sourceforge project implies that it is only for piano keyboards. But anyway, it would be great if vmpk had support for a
five row CA ( chromatic accordion ) too.

Melody side of the accordion:

Bass side of the accordion:

Wikipedia information:

Erik Sjölund


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  • Erik Sjölund
    Erik Sjölund

    Hi Pedro,

    Maybe one way to go is to separate out as much as possible of the music instrument layout from the cpp files and put it into xml data files. For instance, these files


    have some GUI information in them ( how the piano keys look like ). Maybe it is possible to put this GUI information in some xml files?

    A consequence would be that changing the number of octaves would be the same as loading in another instrument, e.g. a gui data definition for a piano with 3 octaves.

    Just a sketch

    <key id="blackkey">
    <painter pen="black">
    <rect x="15" y="15" x-offset="0" y-offset="0"/>
    <key id="whitekey">
    <painter pen="white">
    <rect x="15" y="15" x-offset="0" y-offset="0" />
    <rect x="15" y="15" x-offset="20" y-offset="0"/>
    <key note="c2" key-idref="whitekey" x="15" y="20"/>
    <key note="c#2" key-idref="blackkey" x="20" y="20"/>
    <key note="d2" key-idref="whitekey" x="25" y="20"/>

    Don't look at the coordinates.I just put some numbers there. And this sketch doesn't handle pressed vs. unpressed keys.

    I don't know if SVG could be used somehow. There is a QSvgWidget. But at a first look it seems more suited for a background image of the music instrument.


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