#12 Support both upper & lower case letters


At the moment, both upper and lower case letters are treated as the same letter.

If upper and lower case letters are treated as distinct letters, we could plug in 2 keyboards to be used at the same time with one of them on caplock. This will significantly increase the number of keys available.


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  • Currently, the modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt,..) aren't supported at all in the key mappings, because I was reserving them for a later feature.

    I was thinking about adding configurable settings for each modifier key type, where the user can choose between several options and amounts, for instance: softer (-velocity) louder (+velocity) higher (+pitch) lower (-pitch), ...

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  • ec0000

    Yes. Thank you for the response. Can you share more about your vision? If it is okay, we can exchange some ideas.

  • Other programs using key modifiers are:
    - jack-keyboard: "Holding Shift will make notes louder (it increases velocity). Holding Ctrl will do the opposite. "
    - Bome mouse keyboard: "CTRL+mouse button: Hold Mode". "Pressing SHIFT while playing will lower the velocity".

    My proposal is to allow the user to configure the meaning of each SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, and META keys giving a list of functions to choose in a new configuration dialog: "Key modifiers".

    A possible list of available functions to assign would be:
    - Louder (increase velocity)
    - Softer (decrease velocity)
    - Higher (increase octave)
    - Lower (decrease octave)
    - Inc/dec controllers (any of the available ones)
    - Inc/dec channel pressure
    - Inc/dec key pressure

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