Squeaky Noises with GM.DLS


  • Anonymous

    First off, love the VMPK. You can make some pretty good tunes with it.

    Secondly, I sometimes get this squeaky/creaky noise sometimes when playing VMPK. It's especially noticeable when playing lower tones (0-2) and happens as soon as you press a new key. It's especially noticeable on simpler waveforms such as Roland Capital Tones Synth Bass 1, but I sometimes hear it on others.

    Here's what happens:
    01. Press key, hear squeaky/creaky noise with sample, then the sound is normal.

    I'm currently using Roland Capital Tones Windows version (GM.DLS). Does anyone know any way to correct this? I did a Google search on MIDI, Capital Tones, squeaky…but found nothing.

    Thanks for your help!


  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, and I tried using the Yamaha XG as an instrument, still get the squeaky/creaky…

  • VMPK does not produce any sound. It produces only MIDI events, and can be used also as a MIDI receiver. The sound comes from a MIDI synthesizer which is connected to VMPK's MIDI output port. This can be changed in the menu Edit->Connections.

    You are probably using the "Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth", which renders MIDI events with the aid of the "gm.dls" soundfont. If you don't like the synth quality, there are other MIDI synths available, either as external hardware devices, PC sound cards, or software synths like FluidSynth/QSynth.

  • Zippo

    I get the noises too, and it is VMPK"s problem. When I use jack to connect USB MIDI input to fluidsynth there are no noises. However, when I use VMPK to take input from the USB MIDI and output to fluidsynth there are noises.

  • The last comment from the user zippoxer is not related the original question, that was made by a Windows user. I guess that zippoxer is using Linux, because jack is not usual on windows setups.

    Anyway, for windows users: please try a different synth like Virtual MIDI Synth

  • to zippoxer: if you want help with your MIDI setup in Linux, please open another question with the proper subject, and explain exactly your hardware and software setup.

    This blog post may help both Linux and Windows users: http://midi-clorianos.blogspot.com.es/2011/04/midi-connection.html