#23 No default keybord shortcuts available in 0.5.0

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Sérgio Siegrist

I compiled VMPK on FreeBSD, and it works fine connecting through Jack.
Now I see that there are no keyboard shortcuts available. The Ubuntu/Linux version has many handy shortcuts, such as arrow keys to switch octaves or instruments.
How can I enable those keyboard shortcuts? Is there a config file for this, or should I recompile with different options?


  • I found a conf file in .config/vmpk.sourceforge.net. The session [Shortcuts] is promising...
    Is there a way to generate this session filled with default settings? Or should I copy it from my Ubuntu installation?

  • This is a bug in the 0.5.0 version. You can copy the values from another system or from a previous version until it is fixed in the next release.

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  • fixed in svn revision #372

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