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VLC Direct3D HSBS interlacing plugin

3D passive technology

This plugin is a dirty mod of the original direct3d driver part of the VideoLAN Media Player project, designed to generate interlaced full screen video frames, from an HSBS video source.

Instead of the active shutter glasses, in some new 3D passive technology monitor, the screen seems to be circularly polarized row by row with a left/right handedness, so that the left image is represented by the odd lines and the right image by the even lines or vice versa.

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Since this conversion has to be made on an RGB plan while the output format of an MP4 movie is planar YUV, this plugin has been implemented as a video output device that uses the directx9 technology and the graphics acceleration, converting, stretching and interlacing the original HSBS video to a full screen interlaced image, that should be viewed with passive glasses.

It is not guaranteed that your card supports all this operation, if something goes wrong or the interlacing process is not enabled, you should see the HSBS video as a simple 2D video only.

Aspect-Ratio and Brightness

Starting from release 0.3 the aspect ratio has been corrected. You can always modify the aspect by using the Video->Aspect Ratio GUI menu voice or by the flag –aspect-ratio from the command line inteface.
This trick can also be used to see the original SBS video.

Usually you do not need to change the brightness of the video especially if you have good glasses and a correct position in front of the screen. For very bright images with a lot of white background scenes you might want to modify the brightness in order to avoid the ghosting artifacts. You can do this by the Tools->Effects And Filters->Video Effects GUI dialog but as I said this operations should never be necessary.

Usage of the DIRECT3DSBS plugin

To run VLC with the SBS plugin, you must specify the Direct3D HSBS Video Output. You can do this by the command line, creating a related link something similar to :

"C:\Program Files\VideoLan\VLC\vlc.exe” --vout direct3dsbs

If you will open an HSBS file in a window, you should see only one of the two images blended in fullscreen by your graphic card.

If you change to FULLSCREEN MODE and everything goes fine, you should see two images interlaced on your monitor, a pair of passive glasses will do the rest.

If something goes wrong the image will remain monoscopic and the log should warn you about what goes wrong.

There are a couple of switches associated to this plugin.

--no-direct3dsbs-interlace (--direct3dsbs-interlace is enabled by default)

This disable the interlacing system when your video is in fullscreen, to see it as a simple video without glasses or 3D monitor.


Invert right with left image. Usually the HSBS are in cross-eyes format, if you are using a pair of glasses and you can't see a 3D effect, try to place the glasses upside-down, if the 3D effect returns, it is the time to specify this flag.


Note that this is a work in progress, I hope new features, and adaptation to the newest version of VLC will follows as soon as I do.

Good things to you.