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No Further Development

I'm sorry to announce that this project is officially obsolete. I'm sure the parser has been broken for many months now. In addition to the effort it would take to bring the project up to date, I have been informed that eBay explicitly bans the use of such "robots" on their site. They are now supplying an API by which developers can directly access their database records. Details can be found here:

Posted by Scott Vitale 2004-08-24

Major rewrite coming....

Sadly, this project has been dormant for the past few months. I'm planning on devoting a good portion of my time starting in October to an almost full rewrite of the eBay parser, and database portions of VitaleBay. My goal is to build a core API that can be extended for use with any database and/or POS. I'll also introduce templating to further separate function from presentation.

Currently, I'm in need of a couple developers to take on the task of designing a default web interface. I'm looking for XHTML/CSS, with Smarty ( as an interface to the data. If you're interested, please let me know. IM's are often better than email (AIM: glyph78).... read more

Posted by Scott Vitale 2003-09-12

Current Features

Features available in the 0.1 release will be:

Automatically retrieves auction information and stores it in a PostgreSQL database.

Automatically emails the winning bidder with a "Congratulations" email

Stores bidder's information in database (name, address, payment method)

More functionality is available, but needs to be ported for public use. Please check back often, or drop me an email to find out about new features or how you can help the project.

Posted by Scott Vitale 2003-03-24