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VisualMon / News: Recent posts

VisualMon 1.2 released

Added the option to group several URLs for tracking purposes. This comes handy for REST URLs like "/company/user/123" where you don't want to track the response times for each ID seperately but for the prefix "/company/user/" instead. It can be achieved by providing an implementation of JamonUriModifier in your configuration, see an example here: http://bit.ly/ce2wUo

Added filter boxes to the logger, level and message colums of the log view.... read more

Posted by Heribert Hirth 2010-06-03

VisualMon 1.1 released

This ia a small maintenance release, the notable changes are:

- added a probe for CPU usage
- the logger tab is loaded dynamically via AJAX
- fixed a display bug in the requests per second probe
- added a Maven repository

Posted by Heribert Hirth 2009-11-08

VisualMon 1.0 released

VisualMon is a concise dashboard for Java web applications, it shows statistics gathered by JAMon, reduced to the data relevant to the concrete web application and with a visually pleasant appearance.

This is the first release of VisualMon with production quality.

Posted by Heribert Hirth 2009-05-21