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MobiMap request

  • david

    Hi Johan, thanks for the speedy response on my bug request, I downloaded the new version and it works perfectly!
    Producing a great map for my needs

    One last question and I moved it to this areas since it's not a defect:
    1. I am using the {mobimaps grouptype="category" categoryid="1" …. } control to render a map in an article displaying all my linked article gps points. 
    When the map is displayed it doesn't render any Google controls so the user can't zoom, pan or move around the map?
    Is it possible to add a <var> par to enable this?

    2. The map limit of 26 items - is this a Google specific limit? Not a worry if it is because I will add new categories and create a map for them if it is.

    thanks again for the help

  • Johan Ekblad
    Johan Ekblad

    1) I will add a ticket for this, but we are currently only developing for the joomla 1.6 version of the mobimaps. But maybe I will do this a "rainy day".

    2) Mobimaps is using the google static maps api. The markers can only contain the letters A-Z, that's why we have this limit.