Announcing OpenLink Virtuoso, Open-Source Edition, v5.0.10

OpenLink Software is pleased to announce a new release of Virtuoso,
Open-Source Edition, version 5.0.10.

This version includes:

* Initial support for JDBC 4.x in the JDBC Driver
* Self-signed certificates and optional client-verification in HTTPS
* HTTP ACLs for rate-limiting
* A new `TOP(N, -1)' function for skipping N rows prior to resultset construction
* New INI-file options LiteMode and DisableTcpSocket for thinner embeddable RDF or SQL RDBMS operation, RdfFreeTextRulesSize and IndexTreeMaps for better memory control
* Fixes for a deadlock handler bug and various 64-bit issues and compiler warnings
* Performance optimizations in the core database engine

RDF Data Management & Data Access:
* New Meta Cartridges for UMBEL, Calais, Zemanta, Hoovers and the New York Times
* New Sponger cartridges for AB Meta, Last.FM, Twitter,, LibraryThing,, RadioPop, Rhapsody
* Added support for FOAF+SSL
* New (X)HTML browser page for RDF Linked Data
* SPASQL ExtendedString and RdfBox types in .NET
* new CURIE-generation functions
* Amazon S3 DET and WebDAV mounting
* improved Turtle output presentation
* Various SPARQL and SPARUL updates and extensions and fixes
* Automated generating OWL from DB schema
* Fixed memory leaks

OpenLink Data Spaces Application-suite:
* New OAuth support
* Support for foaf+ssl self-signed certificates written to in FOAF-based member profiles
* Support for Amazon S3 folders in ODS-Briefcase
* New contact fields in ODS-AddressBook
* Ubiquity commands for interacting with all Data Spaces programmatically

For more details, see the release notes:

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Posted by Tim Haynes 2009-02-17