New release: 5.0.1

OpenLink Software are pleased to announce a new release of Virtuoso, Open-Source Edition, version 5.0.1.

This version includes:

* An enhanced cost-based optimizer
* Use of fixed rather than dynamically generated statistics, enhancing the Inference Engine
* Added larger sample in query cost model sampling
* Enhanced SPARQL support:
* Added wide row BREAKUP function to Virtuoso SQL enabling further optimization of RDF Views of SQL data
* Added support for LIMIT and OFFSET clauses to CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE
* Significant performance optimizations
* Added QUAD MAP <...> { ... } group pattern which adds granularity to "Triple Provenance" management
* Documentation updates
* Significant update of all ODS applications
* Added compliance with the latest SIOC vocabulary
* Added Calendar Data Space for managing events and exposing data as RDF
* Added OpenID login and registration
* Added new SIOC spec subclasses which exploit Virtuoso's RDF-inference engine
* Added AddressBook Data Space for managing Social Networks via SIOC
* Other bug fixes

For more information please see:

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Posted by Tim Haynes 2007-06-01