VirtuaWin: v4.0 beta4 made available

Hopefully this will be the last beta build of 4.0!

The new window.cfg file changed in beta3, a window.cfg file created with an earlier version will not be correctly read. It is strongly recommended that you remove any window.cfg file created using beta1 or beta2 before runing this version.

As with 4.0 beta3, this version should correctly read virtuawin.cfg file of v3.2 and earlier releases but will generate a virtuawin.cfg file which will not be correctly read by these earlier versions.

Please backup your virtuawin.cfg and window.cfg file so you can roll back to an earlier release.

This version does not load your existing tricky.cfg, sticky.cfg, assignment.cfg or userlist.cfg as these files and concepts have been merged into one - Window Types stored in the new window.cfg file. You will need to recreate these configurations using the new Window Type setup dialog.

This version has:

* 1906377 Fixed maximized tricky window hiding problem.
* 1905771 Move the hidden VW off-screen if it moves on screen.
* 1906222 Added get modules button to setup dialog.
* 1905474 Fixed VW_SETSTICKY module message.

See HISTORY.TXT for a full list of changes and our main support page ( for more information on test versions.

Posted by Steven Phillips 2008-03-06