#116 Improve preview update behaviour

Steven Phillips

From thread https://sourceforge.net/projects/virtuawin/forums/forum/811485/topic/3736181, andygrus requests a quicker update of other desktop before dropping into a slower update rate. VW cannot simply update all desktops as it must wait for the windows to update, however it can have an initial quick update time (e.g. 2sec) and a slower update used after all desktops have been updated. Couple with moving straight to the next desktop so the first update is no longer the current desktop (which has already been update) this could reduce the update time in andygrus' example down from 40s to 6s.

Also a concept of quickly updating the desktops may help alleviate some of the issues raised in bug 3039488


    • status: open --> closed
  • Split update process into an initial stage and a following continuous stage each with their own timer, see README for more info - feature added to v1.4 which is now released.