Win7Pro & IE 9 - Drag IE win across ...

  • czarak


    I can't drag IE 9 windows across desktops (VirtuaWin 4.4, Win Pro 7), I can do this with other Windows 7 windows (e.g. Explorer), other Microsoft Applications (e.g. Excel, Outlook) and all third party applications that I've tried. I can also use the middle mouse button on the titlebar of all the other apps/windows to get the menu with the option to move the window but when I do this on an IE9 titlebar I also get nothing. I can move an IE9 window to another desktop by going through the VirtuaWin icon in the system tray, but that's pretty inconvenient…

    Is this a bug with IE9 in particular? Is there any workaround? Or is there some obvious setting I'm missing which allows me to drag IE9 windows across desktops?


  • dquille

    I can confirm I also have this issue with IE10.  I'm usually using firefox, but when I do pull up IE for something it's annoying that I can't move it between VW's.

  • Johan Piculell
    Johan Piculell

    Ok, I can reproduce as well. Not sure what is going on here but you should file a bug report on this.