Same program, multiple desktops

  • RLSB


    I have VirtuaWin on my computer, and I work from home. I like one desktop to be my "general" desktop and one to be my "work only!!!!" desktop. But I want to use google chrome on both. I can have windows with google chrome open on both desktops, that's no problem. The problem seems to be when I use Chrome's application shortcuts. I have an app shortcut for facebook on my "General" desktop, and when I click on a link in it it opens in a new tab in another instance of Chrome. Sometimes though, it decides to open a facebook link in the Chrome window that is running on my "Work only!!!!" desktop, which is obviously not cool for me cause facebook isn't work and I'd like to keep it off there and stop the program from switching desktops, or dragging my "work" browser over to my "General" desktop. Is there a way I can keep those links tethered to the instance of Chrome on my "general" desktop?

    For what its worth, I'm using the Chrome application shortcuts as a poor substitute for site-specific browsing (what I use Fluid for on my Mac), so if another program would handle this problem better with VirtuaWin I'm open to that. An ideal solution would separate cookies between different applications, but it seems like that is asking too much in Windows.

  • Johan Piculell
    Johan Piculell

    I don't think this can be solved with VirtuaWin at least, unless someone else have any good ideas.


  • I agree with Johan and the reason is best shown by introducing a 3rd desktop, email say, while on this desktop you decide to click on a link - now is that a Work link or a General link? We have no idea, nor does VirtuaWin so which desktop to put the new window onto is impossible to determine.

    The best I have managed to do is to use one browser for work (firefox say) and another for personal (chrome) you can even use two different installations of the same browser (I've used 2 different profiles for 2 different installations of firefox and a VW Window rule to move the windows of each appropriately). But the same problem remains - only one browser can be the 'default action' of Windows, so when you click on a link from your email program it will always choose the 'default browser', regardless of whether its work or play.

    If you don't mind that problem then use a different browser or start playing with profiles,