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Use "Switch to" and "M...

Don M
  • Don M
    Don M

    Thanks for a nice tool!

    It's a small issue, but I suggest changing the menu items on the control menu to say "switch to", instead of "Move to".

    Currently, most of the UI uses switch to mean change to a desktop, and move to mean move a window to a desktop.
    - The window list (left click on tray icon) uses the terminology "Switch to" and "move here" in this way.
    - The Window menu (middle click on a window title bar) lists "Move to Desktop N", and when I click on it, that window is moved to the specified desktop.  It also has "Move to next" and "Move to previous" menu items.

    But the control menu (right click on tray icon) shows "Move to desktop N", and "Move to Next/previous", but on this menu they mean to switch to the specified desktop. Exactly the same appearance as the window menu, but a different meaning. Every time I see that I have to pause for a split second to remind myself that it really mean switch.