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Virtual Spaces MWN

Time for a change! Virtual Spaces 2008 is now Virtual Spaces MWN.

This has several reasons, some of them are:
- Virtual Spaces is now based on the current Eclipse version Helios.
- Virtual Spaces uses Subclipse now and has full SVN client functionality.
- Virtual Spaces moved from oAW to MWE.
- 2008 is simply too long ago now ;)

Posted by Julia Damerow 2011-01-12

VSpace 1.1.0beta released

VSpace Version 1.1.0beta is released. This version includes two major changes:
1. VSpace is now project workspace based. On startup the user selects a workspace where all projects are stored.
2. Subversive is now included in VSpace. Projects can be shared between several users by storing them in a SVN repository.

This version is still beta software. Use it with care.

Posted by Julia Damerow 2010-06-30

BugFix and Old Layout uploaded

If you're using VSpace 1.0.0RCx you may need the following files:
- (
This zip-file contains templates files for the HTML generation that have the old layout (used up to 0.94.0Beta). Download this zip-file if you want the old website layout back.
- (
The RC version of Virtual Spaces has the bug that two images are not copied during the HTML generation process. In your generated webpages the background image of scene descriptions and the icon for toggeling the scene description should be missing. This zip-file contains the missing images. Follow the instructions in the ReadMe-file for a workaround.

Posted by Julia Damerow 2010-02-18

Virtual Spaces on Windows

There is a new release of Virtual Spaces. In addition to the completed PDF/RTF export function and some bugfixes Virtual Spaces is now runnable on Windows XP. The bugfixes include among others an improvement of the generated HTML pages. A generated virtual tour is now displayed correctly with Internet Explorer 6.

Posted by Julia Damerow 2009-05-19