source versions do not match?

  • I am using virtualgl 2.2.1.tar.gz and turbojpeg 1.11.1 listed in the website.

    i find that according to the makerules in vgl, the directory of turbojpeg should be under /opt/, however, the 1.11.1 turbojpeg doesn't create any files under /opt.

    and turbojpeg 1.1.1 does create files under /opt. and by using 1.1.1 , "make" is ok. However, when "make install" , the system says it does not find the compatible libturbojpeg.a.

    I also changed the directory in makerules in order to use 1.11.1 turbojpeg which is provided on the website, however, even "make" fails.

    Can you give me some suggesions?


  • THX!

    Besides installing libjpeg-turbo_1.1.1_amd64.deb, i installed  libjpeg-turbo32_1.1.0_amd64.deb, this provides the 32-bit lib, and it works!

    Now i am ready to enjoy virtualgl

  • DRC

    The legacy TurboJPEG/IPP packages are still provided for use with VirtualGL 2.1 and prior, because there are some corporate customers that are still using those releases and have standardized around a specific set of packages.  However, those packages are very clearly marked "OBSOLETE - USE LIBJPEG-TURBO".  I don't know how I can be any more clear than that.

    Further, the build instructions for VirtualGL 2.2 and later are very clear that libjpeg-turbo should be used.

    Further, we provide binary packages precisely so people don't have to build VirtualGL from source in order to play with it.  If you are not experienced with building open source software, then use the binaries.