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  • Dloneranger

    From raythe0n's origional plugin, modified by tateu, later modified by dloneranger

    Requires Virtualdub version 1.10.xx

    Options in the extended open dialog

    Option Effect
    Adjust pixel aspect ratio Alter height/width by files encoded aspect ratio
    or just return the image 'as is'
    Downmix audio Downmix 5.1 etc to stereo
    Limit audio to 16bit Downsample to 16bit if needed
    Boost centre channel Mix the centre audio channel with a higher volume when downmixing to stereo
    Autodetect 709/full Check if video is 601-709
    and limited-fullrange colourspace
    Undetected height/width Set 709/fullrange if height/width is HD
    Convert pixel formats Set the format of video returned
    to virtualdub
    Allow missing frames How many discontinuous frames to
    allow before returning an
    error to virtualdub
    Resync audio to video Set start times of video and audio
    to be the same
    Prescan unindexed files Scan files with little index information
    when opening files, faster seeking in
    virtualdub, but may be slower
    opening some videos
    Plugin Priority Set plugin priority relative to other plugins
    Last edit: Dloneranger 2015-12-26
  • Dloneranger

    Two new features

    Plugin priority
    Sets the plugin priority that virtualdub uses
    Default is Normal
    If set to High then the plugin will be used in preference to other plugins and virtualdubs own file handlers
    There's also an enable/disable checkbox, as with it enabled virtualdub insists on giving .avs files to the plugin even though we don't want them

    Use audio from another file
    You can now use the FFMPeg plugin from the audio menu 'Audio from other file'

    Last edit: Dloneranger 2015-03-08