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New Bug? When click active window in Pidgin

  • jfyeh

    I seem to be running into a bug in Virtual Dimention. I seem to run into on a daily basis.

    I use Pidgin as my IM client. I have it on one window and my web browser on another. If I have multiple chat tabs open and a user not in my current pidign tab IM's me and I click on it directly without clicking on my current tab first it seems to crash VD.

    Can anyone confirm that this is a bug?

    • wanpakukozou

      Have you tried 'excepting' Pidgin?  Right click on the VD tray icon, click the "Configure" menu, click the "Advanced" tab, click the "Exceptions..." button for shell integration and add Pidgin to the list.  You may also try do the same thing for"hiding method".