Bug: Losing Explorer windows

  • NovaX

    I've been running, and greatly enjoying, this application for 1.5 years. For a while I've been on the 0.95a. I've seen this for a while, thinking that perhaps I was going senile, but haven't seen it on previous releases.

    If I have Windows Explorer open to a directly, and work in another desktop for a while, my explorer window will be gone. Since these all run under explorer.exe (as shown in task manager), I can't see multiple instances. I'm guessing that perhaps this is confusing VD alpha, so it loses the window. This has not happened to any other application window, and I never saw this in previous releases.


    • gimped

      I have similar issues on WinXP Home SP2.  I have virtual dimension running and then go to open up a shortcut to a folder or click on My Computer.  It doesn't open.  If I do the keyboard shortcut of Flag+E, it will open.  In my task manager, I can see multiple instances of explorer.exe -> presumably my explorer windows did open, I just can't see them.  Quiting VD doesn't do anything to the processes or make the windows appear.

      Also, my statistics software I use for work will sometimes disappear, but only when I click somewhere within the software.  I am guessing the problems are related.  I can still see my software running in task manager, I just can't see the software. 

    • The so-called 0.95a version is an alpha version, so bugs are to be expected.... I don't really remember, but i think i had strange problems with explorer at some point... I don't have the problem anymore (there was a fix), but i wish i could remember precisely what the situation was....

    • NovaX

      If its fixed, can you update the installer on the download page? I began using the alpha due to some other bugs you fixed in it.

      P.S. I know a lot of Java developers who love this program after I've introduced it to them, some of whom had switched to Linux just to get a decent workflow due to so many windows open (eclipse, cygwin, log, mail, etc).  Even some of our product managers have begun to use it. :)

    • Pavel Vittek
      Pavel Vittek

      I fully agree with NovaX. I stopped using virt-dim mainly because of this bug. Please, could you wrap your current development state of the application and provide an installer for us? I'm sure there are many people looking really forward to it. For me it's simply the best virtual screen manager. Thanks and keep up the good work!