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Am I able to dissapear 'title bar'

  • Well! :) I managed to configure Virtual Dim to handle 4 columns (and 1 row) so it looks exactly as my KDE machine in my office.

    Two problems:

    1. When I click on the windows task bar, it goes to the background (always on top option is selected)

    2. I'm unable to remove the title top bar (where Virtual Dimension text appears and the 'close X' button) and that consumes 13 px aprox

    ¿any ideas?

    • Martin Egholm
      Martin Egholm

      Problem 1- no way to get around that one...

      Problem 2 - right click the an empty area in the desktop-list (not the taskbar icon), deselect "Show the caption"...


    • Excellent Martin! Problem 2 solved!

    • alan sinclair
      alan sinclair

      Is there a way to get the title bar back?

      I right-clicked and deselected "Show the caption", and it's gone.  Now I'd like it back!  But the right-click menu (clicked on an empty area) now only shows a list of the active applications in that desktop, no options to reconfigure.

      C'est Magnifique, le VDM!  Thanks for a very useful app!


      • right-click on a desktop where there is no application, or hold the ALT key while you right-click anywhere to get the options menu.

    • chernics

      you mean, hold the CTL key? :-) (ALT doesn't seem to work ;-)

      This is great software!!

      • OK, maybe :-)
        Lately, I don't really need to go in the configuration anymore.... and i usually have a desktop free of any window...