#19 Depends on libxml1 *and* libxml2?

Neale Pickett

It won't configure without libxml1 installed (it looks for xml-config), but it won't *compile* without libxml2 installed (it looks for a children variable in the root struct on line 237 of mod_virgule.c, and wants to include <libxml/*>). I suggest you update the INSTALL file to reflect what the actual dependancies are :-)


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    libxml2.2.x generates xml-config. so, by having a
    _different_ xml-config (v1) in your path, presumably in
    /usr/bin not just /usr/local/bin, the libxml1 is picked up
    from that.

    can i recommend that you try temporarily removing the
    xml-config v1?

  • Neale Pickett
    Neale Pickett

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    Yes, that did work. You need to update the INSTALL file,
    right now (1.0.2p1) it says that it needs libxml 1.8.7, but
    less than 2.x. That whole INSTALL file should probably be
    removed, it appears to be ancient, talking about gdbm.
    (There's also a file called "f" you might want to take out
    of the distribution, and some tilde files :-)

    Also worth noting is that as of Jan 28 2001, libxml2 has
    been installing xml2-config, not xml-config. This was the
    root of my problem.

    The configure file could also be modified to find apxs in a
    Debian environment by adding "/usr/bin" to the end of the
    search path.

    Would you like a diff? I can't send them from galeon but I
    can email one...