Sorry to bug, but I'm not entirely sure what's going on here.

I'm working on my thesis, and am impressed with Latex-Suite so far.
I cannot get the \ref completion to work.
When I push F9 in an empty \ref command I get an empty __OUTLINE__ window.

So far I've made sure python support is enabled.
I have my thesis.tex.latexmain file setup in the home directory.

It is a multi-file project, with the main file thesis.tex in the main directory.
All other included files are in a tex/ subdirectory
These are included with \include{./tex/chapter*}

I tried to get a minimal (not) working example with a main file and two included files
with the same directory structure, only to find out that the \ref completion actually works for that

My question is this: any ideas on what could be going wrong, and how can I go about debugging this to find out what is going wrong?



Dalon Work