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Things That Didn't Make 1.2

  • Improved Track Creation DONE {{gitcommit|8da8404015d09778496336d511dccfd6c5a72ace}}
    • Distance is shown during creation
    • Elevation info used if DEM available
  • Rename Magic Scissors to Route Finder DONE {{gitcommit|0db79fc537820be2e121aee9c264060fa2d4d0b8}}

1.3 Features

Also see [Roadmap]/[Wishlist][User_Interface_Ideas]

  • Creating a waypoint uses DEM altitude if available. DONE {{gitcommit|d60a672ec0b9d7445b234bd80c66981df388a0ed}}
  • Prevent unnecessary new windows opening. DONE {{gitcommit|49bf732a4254dbe1a9a97a26c8923b073e061aa5}}
  • Waypoint symbol enhancements - Ongoing - Scalable icons {{gitcommit|961e8114b32c207d5645c097c13ab0c65000938d}} - Other stuff [User:robbieonsea]
  • Statusbar Enhancements
    • Part1 - Internal tidy DONE
    • Part2 - More trackpoint/waypoint information DONE
  • Acquire directly into an existing TrackWaypoint layer DONE
  • Control of upload/download of the GPX subtypes - track,waypoints. DONE {{gitcommit|d6c58ab9742018b68509e181f58a1bebb3850466}}
  • EXIF Support via libexif - DONE
  • Support GPSD API v5 DONE {{gitcommit|b355a088431e664d3fb47eed10377bef416883db}}
  • Optimization - Drawing speed up - DONE {{gitcommit|adc271a85dc61e8eef9ebea604237e3949d41db7}}
  • External 'I/O' Preferences (KML options, Image Viewer options) - DONE
    • GPX export version can be added later


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