#26 Filter error when there is no dot files ?


I've just used another fuse based software to mount external drives
(to be precise smestorage binary furnished here http://www.smestorage.com)

After mounting the filesystem, and launching vifm inside the directory I get the following error.
The pattern inverted did not match any files. It was reset.
The only way to get out seems to be to kill vifm (else with ctrl-c, vifm will show the message again and again).

Note that as it was the first time I used this tool the corresponding directory was empty. Moreover I noticed that a ls -a in the corresponding directory does not show . and .. just nothing. I don't know if it could explain the problem. If I had one file in the directory the error message stops.

Not sure it's a real bug. Just to let you know that it could exist such strange directories without anything in it.


  • xaizek

    This is a duplicate of the bug report #3509361.

    I know how to fix the bug, but didn't do it yet (forget about it), because I can easily reproduce the problem on Windows only, which I do not use often. And I need to be able to reproduce it to ensure my fix is correct.

    I think the bug will be fixed soon, maybe today. It starts to bother too many people.

  • xaizek

    This should be fixed now.


  • 2012-04-13

    It works well now.
    However I have still a little remark about it.

    Before, there was a problem when there wasn't any file. Now in this case there's no error and vifm shows one line ".."
    In case there's at least one file in the directory, vifm shows the files but not the .. line.

    If not complicated it would be better to show .. in both case. However it does not bother me at all and it only occurs in rare cases (linked to windows it seems), so if it needs lots of changes it could remain as it is now.

    By the way, since a few weeks I've had an error message after git pull about local modification in version.c that will be lost. I guess make or ./configure modify this file. I don't know if something could be done to avoid the problem.

  • xaizek

    If not complicated it would be better to show .. in both case.
    I agree, it's strange if non-root won't have .. directory. It's also easy to implement.

    ... about local modification in version.c that will be lost
    It shouldn't bother you since yesterday.

  • xaizek

    I just pushed changes with .. directory, so it should work now as you suggested.