Invalid hash

Oskar H
  • Oskar H
    Oskar H

    Hi Boys and Girls,

    i'm now at git so i create a remote repo and a empty branch (like in the video on and push it remote refs/heads/develop

    i commit my stuff and so on and local with gitx i saw every thing but wenn i checkout the develop branch with viewgit i get the message invalid hash

    has anybody an idea who i can get it work … or could it be that i have push the branch wrong on the server




  • Anonymous

    I realize this question is old, but maybe this will help the next person who wanders along. I had this same problem. I traced through the source code and realized things were dying in run_git. Basically, this told me the path to git was screwed up in the config file. So I went to config.php (which the docs tell you not to edit, but to use localconfig.php instead). In config.php, there is a line:
    $conf = 'git'
    change this to the path where your version of git is installed and things should work. Ideally, the example-localconfig.php file should be modified so future people don't get confused by this. I am not exactly sure what advantage is achieved at this point by separating localconfig.php from config.php, but oh well.