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#50 <guid> support

Florent Bruneau

In RSS, the <guid> markup can be set to identify an item.

When the title of an item is edited, Vienna create a new entry for this edited item even if the guid markup has the same value. Vienna should use guid to distinguish new items and edited items : edited items do not need a new entry, only a notification to show that it has been edited.


  • Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson

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    Unfortunately, a few bad feeds have ruined it for everyone. I've run into some cases where a feed has re-used the guid of old articles for completely different articles. For example, this occurred with http://forums.cocoaforge.com/, which hosts Vienna's own support forum. I didn't discover until too late that older articles I had in my database were overwritten by new, different articles. This was unacceptable, because I was using Vienna to keep track of the reports in the forums. That's why I put in a check of the article title.

    We could perhaps get around this by storing the raw source of the feeds in the database, so that we can always compare against those. VIenna doesn't do this currently, however, and it would require a significant amount of work to make this change in how Vienna works.

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    Even if it is not correctly used by rss, I still think it would be great to have this correctly handled for well-build feeds.

    Isn't it possible to work around the issue by considering the guid as unique only during a given range of time (eg. 24h, 10 days, 1 month...) ? It would also be great to let the user decides feed by feed to activate the support of the guid.