I've found two issues with refetchAllInfo:
1) it will also refetch all languages from IMDB. This doesn't quite work for me, as IMDB has *ALL* languages the movie was released in, but I'm cataloguing only the ones available on my DVDs
2) it will also overwrite custom images (with local path). That's bad for e.g. sex and the city where IMDB has one entry only and I've created multiple ones, one per season with it's own scanned image.
Maybe these two things should be changed in the otherwise excellent script?
PS.: One more thing could be prevention of overwriting the title- Hero should stay Hero and not getthe original Chinese title?

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I know that I need to have PHP configured correctly for the browse to work, and I swear that I have checked that several times, but I still have issues with nothing showing up when i hit the browse area.  Any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

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