go to the ./contrib folder and run fetch_imdb_all.php from the command line. If you've got imdb id's this will refetch all your images.

Warning: this will overwrite your data per movie with what comes from IMDB!


PS.: The mag-glass for covers should already be in CVS? If not please let me know.

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 2:53 PM, Pascal <azatoth@fastmail.fm> wrote:
Nice work indeed, and fast too.

But same problem here : most of my covers have been lost in the upgrade
(I messed up with cache/img) and I ended up with pages full of question
marks. I'll try to patch nexgen.css/list.tpl to show some text, but in
the meantime I'd like to know if there is a way to force-reload all the
movie posters from imdb ? (and just that, I don't want to touch anything

Regarding the new design, I just miss the magnifying glass to pop the
movie cover up, and perhaps the language flag icon which was easier to read.

But again, congrats for a job well done.

Le 19/03/2013 17:48, Phil & Sabine Rigden a écrit :
> Hi Andreas,
> I just installed and upgraded, and I love it.  It looks like a whole new
> product.  There is one thing that's missing (or I'm missing it): on the
> browse view, only the covers are shown.  If only movies are in the
> database, that's not a problem, but I have a lot of TV episodes in my
> DB, which all have the DVD cover of the season's DVD.  So, as you can
> imagine, it's not possible to browse through TV episodes without opening
> each from the browse view.  Is it possible to have an option to show the
> entry title along with the cover (or is it already there as an option
> and I'm just missing it)?

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