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is anybody seeing the same problems and does potentially have a fix?

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From: RamnDump <ramndump@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 9:07 PM
Subject: VideoDB trailer.php
To: cpuidle@gmx.de

I have the latest vs of VideoDB script and it seems that youtube has updated their site which has killed the youtube trailer.php from working correctly.  Is there an update for this code yet, or will it be released with the next vs update?

 * Movie Trailers View
 * Shows available youtube trailers
 * @package videoDB
 * @author  Andreas Goetz   <cpuidle@gmx.de>
 * @version $Id: trailer.php,v 1.4 2009/04/04 16:25:58 andig2 Exp $

require_once './core/functions.php';
require_once './engines/youtube.php';

// decode entities to care for numeric html escapes of JS single quotes
$trailer = youtubeSearch(html_entity_decode_all($title));

// prepare templates

$smarty->assign('trailer', $trailer);

// display templates